Sunday, February 28, 2010

Listening to the Big Guy!

I am just happy! Happy happy happy! Everyday is a new day. Everyday is a challenge in some areas. But you know what, God is on my side and I can do ANYTHING with Him!!! I KNOW that I am where God wants me. And no matter what anyone says, it won't change my view. As long as I seek Him, He WILL let me know where He wants me.

I feel blessed to have finally found a church that is meant for me!!! Thank you Jesus! I have been praying and searching for years! And finally, finally I have met my match =) Greenford is amazing! The church body is incredible! I feel so welcomed by so many people! They're so nice and they WANT to be there! Every week I meet new, wonderful people of the Lord. And I learn so much not only during service but just being there. It's such an amazing experience and I thank God for placing me there!

Today, I saw a gentleman two rows in front of me. He had on a Vietnam Vet jacket. I contemplated saying anything. Because sometimes I feel silly. But I am working towards this new found courage and strength that the Lord has given me. So I went up to him after service. It took a lot in me to hold back tears. Being the emotional woman that I am. And I thank him for serving our country. He said thank you and said for that I get a hug. I was overjoyed. We talked for a little bit. I told him about J. He said he'll be praying for him and to look for him because he'll be around if I need prayer for J. Wow wow wow!!! What a blessing!!!

Also, during service, Pastor Jeff had a woman give her testimony. It was touching. She has breast cancer. But instead of calling it a trial, she calls it a journey that she's on with God. She was just so positive and upbeat. I was in awe. She also works at the Pregnancy Crisis Center. She's the nurse who does the ultrasound and what not. She's helped many girls decide against abortion! I went up to her after service as well. I didn't mention the cancer at all. I'm sure she gets enough talk about that. But I talked with her about her job for a good twenty minutes. I was so thankful that I did!!! What she does is such a blessing! And the Pregnancy Crisis Center is a Godsend =)

Thank you, Jesus for all of your wonderful blessings in my life =)

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